DTS Avon

Short description

The Avon tree grille is a premium square ductile iron tree surround.




Designing tree grilles is something GreenBlue Urban have been doing for over 2 decades. Beautiful timeless patterns have been created which add quality and flair to the urban environment. The fundamental critical purpose of tree grilles is to prevent soil compaction around the rootball. We have developed highly engineered design principles and finishing processes to ensure the durability of the structure and the coatings is robust enough to perform under harsh urban environments. The Avon tree grille is a premium square ductile iron tree surround.

Heavy duty galvanised support frame
Power coated cast ductile iron segments
Integrated irrigation system
Anti-theft lugs
Stainless steel fixings
Fully compatible / integrates with GBU below ground systems

Prevents compaction of soil
Enables gaseous exchange and water to freely access rooting area
Can be disassembled if needed for major tree maintenance
Design and built to be strong enough for vehicular overrun

Product Codes:

Size Square Internal Aperture Diameter  Code
  1000mm 500mm AVON10B
 1200mm  600mm  AVON12B
1500mm  600mm  AVON15B



Heavy duty galvanised support frame
Powder coated grille segments
Cast aluminium RootRain irrigation inlet
Perforated pipe RootRain irrigation system
Stainless steel fixings


Vehicle Overrun:

Maximum 1.5 tonne SMWL (Slow Moving Wheel Load)


Annual Maintenance:

Clean irrigation and aeration inlet filter brushes
Assess physical / cosmetic damage, spray protect exposed metal
Remove grille if central aperture threatens to restrict tree growth


Bespoke Options:

Full design and development service available
Heel safe / DDA requirements
HGV loading requirements
Slip resistance requirement
Full range of RAL colours available to order


Installation Guides