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DTS Yare

The Yare tree grille is a premium round ductile iron tree surround.

Designing tree grilles is something GreenBlue Urban have been doing for over 2 decades. Beautiful timeless patterns have been created which add quality and flair to the urban environment. The fundamental critical purpose of tree grilles is to prevent soil compaction around the rootball. We have developed highly engineered design principles and finishing processes to ensure the durability of the structure and the coatings is robust enough to perform under harsh urban environments. The Yare tree grille is a premium round ductile iron tree surround.


  • Helps to stabilise grille and prevent it sagging around the tree
  • Protection against vandalism and accidental damage
  • The tree grille is supplied with a galvanised outer edge frame incorporating anti-vandal fixing lugs.
  • Adds to quality design


An inner ring provides a base for securely bolting a compatible vertical steel tree guard to. Within one of the ductile iron segments is a purpose-designed aperture for securely fixing the cast aluminium inlet of the RootRain Precinct. The standard finish is a zinc-rich powder coat primer followed by a high-quality polyester powder coat of matt black RAL9005. Other colours available to order

<td width=”154″> Size Round Diameter</td>
<td width=”154″> 1000mm</td>
<td width=”154″> 1200mm</td>
<td width=”154″> Internal Aperture Diameter</td>
<td width=”154″> 500mm</td>
<td width=”154″> 600mm</td>
<td width=”154″> Code</td>
<td width=”154″> YARE10A</td>
<td width=”154″> YARE12A</td>

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