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The Castle tree grille, allows specifiers to continue their choice of paving over the tree pit area.

Relaunching one GreenBlue Urban’s success stories, the Castle2 Tree Grille now delivers even more user-friendly features. This heavy-duty recessed tray system allows virtually any style of surround paving to be placed within the trays and continue right over the tree pit whilst providing structural support for overrun as required.

Supplied complete with irrigation and aeration functionality like the original Castle Tree Grille, the Castle2 now simplifies installation through convenient lifting hand holds, fewer fixings and an adaptable irrigation inlet.

The two most important new features are a new lifting bracket enabling safe mechanical lifting when trays are filled with heavy paving material, and the removal of vertical lifting sockets in the corners, giving a much cleaner above-ground appearance.

Another new, long-awaited feature is a new joining mechanism that enables unbolting and removal of trays even after being fully paved. This allows long term health due to being able to remove the inner tray set when the tree girth grows to dimensions requiring extra space.


  • Ease of handling and installation
  • Prevents compaction of soil
  • Supports tree success by enabling gaseous exchange in the soil and water to freely access the rooting area
  • Can be manufactured to meet virtually any structural requirements.
  • Discreet concept allowing continuous paving over the tree pit.
  • Provides for long-term tree requirements
  • Theft proof


  • Fully compatible / integrates with GreenBlue Urban below-ground systems
  • The removable ‘Double tray’ format available in most sizes allows for tree growth
  • Vertical guard attachment option available
  • Heavy-duty galvanised steel structure with 6mm thick galvanised steel frames for vehicular overrun
  • Integral irrigation point and system included
  • Stainless steel fixings
Code Size Tray
CASTLE12A 1200 x 1200mm Single
CASTLE12B 1200 x  1200mm Twin
CASTLE15A 1500 x 1500mm Single
CASTLE15B 1500 x 1500mm Twin
CASTLE18A 1800 x 1800mm Twin
CASTLE20A 2000 x 2000mm Twin
CASTLE24A 2400 x 2400mm Twin


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