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Climbing Trellis System – Light

Green wall trellis systems that add a new dimension to your urban landscape designs – Series 40/60/90.

Benefits Of Using Our Lighter Brackets For Climbing Trellis

Perfectly engineered wall brackets to enhance your urban scheme, this range of heavy-duty brackets can accommodate a myriad of different width bars and longer vertical lengths.

Series 40 / 40.8

Our smallest spacer available with a wall distance of 4cm, the Series 40 is suitable for heights up to 2.5 metres and is ideal for plants such as clematis or annual climbing plants. The 40 Series is also available in an 8cm wall distance, ideal for greenery up to 8m in height and plants such as clematis, Geisblat, Rampler roses or annual climbing plants.

Series 60

The Series 60 is ideal for medium greening measures and moderately growing climbing plants such as Rambler climbing roses and Clematis with a wall distance of 6cm. Also available in a reduced version with a 6cm wall distance and reduced baseplate size.

Series 90

Capable of taking strong climbing plants such as climbing roses, vines, climbing gherkins and honeysuckle, the Series 90 has a wall distance of 9cm. Also available in a reduced version with a 9cm wall distance and reduced baseplate size.

Talk to a GreenBlue Urban technician today who will help guide you through which product is suitable for your project.


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • An affordable alternative to eye-bolts.
  • Cable holders not required due to the cable attachment and tension loop.
  • Wall fixings included with the bracket kits.
  • Versatile brackets with supporting disks.
  • Tensioning tool and wall fixings included with bracket kits.


  • M10 connecting thread can be attached to almost any wall surface including insulated walls.
  • Prevention of the brackets’ loosening is maintained by the unique threaded join between the base plate and the standoff bar, this allows for simple alignment of the wires and re-tensioning of the brackets using the tensioning tool.
Code Bracket Type Stand off from wall Distance between brackets Fixing Type Wall Type for fixing
GB040R Series 40 40mm 1.0m Rawl Wood, Concrete, Masonry
GB060R Series 60 60mm 2.5m Rawl Wood, Concrete, Masonry
GB090R Series 90 90mm 2.5m Rawl Wood & Concrete
GB090C Series 90 90mm 2.5m Resin Concrete
GB090M Series 90 90mm 2.5m Resin & Sleeve Masonry
GB090IC Series 90 90mm 2.5m Resin, Anchor Bolt, Sealing Ring Thermal insulation to concrete
GB090IM Series 90 90mm 2.5mm  Resin, Anchor Bolt, Sealing Ring Thermal insulation to Masonry

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