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The Zeta is a new, unique tree grille boasting a completely invisible structure allowing interruption-free paving right up to the tree.

The Zeta’s low-profile design provides high strength support for virtually any type of paving adopted for the surrounding street scene. This is even suitable for areas supporting certain types of vehicle access. The adjustable collar simplifies installation by absorbing variances in the tree pit build up in any direction and allowing perfect finish levels and orientation. The Zeta comes supplied with the full tree pit irrigation/aeration system as standard. This has been used with excellent results in the most demanding, very low tolerance locations.


  • High strength profile allows certain vehicular overrun
  • Perfectly aligned paving in prestigious low tolerance projects
  • Easier and faster paving with reduced cuts and zero interruptions


  • Unique high strength, low-profile design
  • Adjustable collar
  • Integral irrigation/aeration system
Material Finish  Colour
Galvanised Steel Galvanised BS EN ISO 1461 Galvanised Steel
 Code  Description & Dimensions
GBUZETA10A Zeta 1.0mtr square with 600mm square opening
GBUZETA12A Zeta 1.2mtr square with 600mm square opening
GBUZETA15A Zeta 1.5mtr square with 600mm square opening
GBUZETA18A Zeta 1.8mtr square with 600mm square opening
GBUZETA20A Zeta 2.0mtr square with 600mm square opening

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