Trees and Water Sensitive Urban Design: Volume 4

GreenBlue Urban is excited to announce the launch of Trees & Water Sensitive Urban Design, Volume 4. Our new comprehensive guide to utilising trees and green infrastructure for stormwater management and SuDS applications.

Edition 10 Urban Design Guide

Launching Edition 10 – The NEW Urban Design Guide! GreenBlue Urban are delighted to announce the publication of Edition 10 – The new and enhanced Urban Design Guide, featuring our new product grouping Green, Blue, Smart Space and Air. The comprehensive publication contains: Enhanced product information Support & Advice with technical data Global Case Studies […]

PDF: Street Tree Cost Benefit Analysis

GreenBlue Urban is proud to publish its most comprehensive ‘return on investment’ guide for urban tree planting yet. Our long-term commitment to increasing canopy cover globally, using the most innovative soil support systems, is in perfect synchronicity with the research undertaken by Treeconomics.

Downloadable Resource: Trees & Water Sensitive Urban Design

Welcome to our 2018 Designing Trees and SUDS publication – a step by step guide to successfully planting trees in a SUDS context. As large free-standing stormwater reservoirs, trees have few equals. Their natural capacity for canopy interception and water attenuation mean that they are increasing being viewed as fundamentally important SUDS component in LID […]

Planning for Green Infrastructure

This CPD presentation guide is designed to help you understand the problems being experienced by many municipalities and local authorities related to green infrastructure planning, urban tree planting and low impact development. It provides the tools that are available to assist in not only dealing with these problems but creating new opportunities to enhance our urban landscape […]

A Guide to Successful Urban Tree Pit Design

The benefits that populations of healthy urban trees can create are significant, yet the environmental conditions found in urban spaces can often be a barrier to their successful establishment and long term survival. In order to provide urban trees with the best opportunity to survive and thrive, it is essential to consider the conditions of […]

Trees as Sound Barriers

It is a well-known fact that noise can reach unhealthy levels in urban areas. Cities across the world have acknowledged the impacts of noise pollution and enacted by-laws and best practices to battle this increasing environmental issue. Trees and other planted sound barriers serve to soften the visual effect of a barrier, as opposed to […]

The 7 Fundamentals of Tree Planting in Paved Surrounds

The purpose of this publication is to provide facts and guidance to persons involved in the decision-making process which is part of any urban tree planting program. Planting trees in hard surfaces requires careful planning and interaction between differing professional disciplines. The information in this book is drawn from many sources and is not least […]

Suitable Urban Tree Species

Designers and city planners need to be aware of the benefits that successful tree planting projects bring. Did you know: The crown of a large tree is also a freestanding antiflood reservoir. One hundred mature trees capture about 1,137,500 litres of rainwater per year by absorbing rain and slowing the flow of stormwater, allowing some […]

Resource: Soil Requirements of Healthy Urban Trees

soil requirements

Trees require adequate supply of uncompacted, well aerated, and moist soil in order to thrive. These soil conditions enable tree roots to obtain all the essential elements they require for healthy growth – nutrients, oxygen, and water. They also happen to be the elements found in the soil of natural forest settings. In built-up urban areas […]

Managing the Root of the Problem

Every year, millions of urban trees die prematurely or are removed due to infrastructure damage and/or public safety concerns caused by poorly managed roots. This problem is largely a result of improper planting techniques, and although specific causes vary, there are some particular issues that account for the majority of issues – one of which […]

Health Benefits of Urban Trees

Few things can compare with the visual impact and seasonal interest that trees bring to an urban environment. Trees and green spaces foster community cohesion by creating a sense of place, a local identity, and a system of landmarks. Treed areas can provide space for leisure and community activities, helping residents to take pride in […]

Benefits of Urban Trees

urban forest

Over the last decade, the activities of charities and public sector organizations such as the Urban Tree Foundation and the Sustainable Sites Initiative have helped to put the creation of sustainable urban forests firmly on the agenda.  The aim, to inform politicians, policy makers, planners and landscape design professionals across the continent, of the true […]