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Checklist for Developers: Planning and Installing Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) play a crucial role in creating resilient and eco-friendly urban spaces. As developers embark on projects that integrate SUDS, a well-thought-out plan and collaboration with local authorities, specifiers, and contractors become paramount. In this checklist, we’ll guide you through the essential steps to ensure best practices and the use of innovative products that add value to your project while contributing to a healthier urban living environment.

1. Engage Local Authorities and Community Stakeholders
Collaboration with local authorities and community stakeholders is key to a successful SUDS implementation. Ensure you:

  • Understand local regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Seek input from residents and businesses to align with community needs.

2. Work with Experienced Specifiers
Engage experienced specifiers who understand the local environment and can design SUDS that meet both regulatory and project-specific requirements. Consider:

  • The specifier’s track record in successful SUDS projects.
  • Integration of green infrastructure to enhance aesthetics and environmental benefits.

3. Collaborate with Contractors
Choosing the right contractors is crucial for the successful implementation of SUDS. Look for contractors who:

  • Have experience with SUDS installations.
  • Prioritise sustainable practices and quality workmanship.
Dean Bowie, CEO of GreenBlue Urban and Arran Bowie, Operations Support, offering free on-site support.

4. Select Best Practice Products
Choose products that align with best practices for SUDS installations. Consider products that:

  • Save space, time, and money in the long run.
  • Have a positive impact on the circular economy and reduce carbon footprint.


Renowned products such as the ArborFlow tree pit solution are designed to take excess water run-off allowing up to 30% for stormwater storage.  The bioretention rain garden solution HydroPlanter can be retrofitted into highway schemes and new developments of any size.  The plug-and-play system can attenuate and cleanse stormwater and provide amenity and biodiversity to new and existing space. HydroPlanter Flex cuts the complexity and unknowns from design and installation the perfect solution for contractors and housebuilders.

The new SuDSPod planter solution is a versatile and innovative method for on-plot attenuation. The patented design is the next generation of a traditional drain-down vessel, delivering industry-leading attenuation performance, perfect for new and existing developments and public service buildings – discover more by contacting us today!


For every 5% of tree canopy, stormwater runoff is reduced by 2%*1 

5. Explore GreenBlue Urban’s Solutions
Consider incorporating GreenBlue Urban’s products into your SUDS project for a range of benefits:

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled materials in the UK, contributing to sustainability.
  • In-stock availability and prompt dispatch for efficient project timelines.
  • Versatile solutions for SUDS tree pits, rain gardens, planters, and green walls.
  • A wealth of design knowledge, tools for calculations, expert engineering support
The GreenBlue Circular Economy

6. Demonstrate Commitment to the Circular Economy
Highlight the use of products that contribute to the circular economy. GreenBlue Urban’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, making a positive impact on your project’s environmental footprint.

7. Consider the soil
Soil is an extremely complex ecosystem, a finely balanced mixture of organic, inorganic gas and water components. Different soil profiles have different proportions. The soil used in SUDS systems is necessarily free-draining to allow for reliable permeability.
Working with topsoil scientists GreenBlue has developed a bio-remediation soil mix that is an optimum compromise between free-draining ability and retention of organic material and moisture.

8. Global Case Studies
With numerous global successful SUDS projects, GreenBlue continues to enhance urban spaces and improve drainage and flooding creating visually appealing environments for all who live work and play there. Discover more here.

By following this checklist and collaborating with the right partners, your SUDS project can achieve not only regulatory compliance but also contribute to a more sustainable, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing urban environment.

GreenBlue Urban’s innovative products offer a practical and eco-friendly solution, ensuring your development aligns with the principles of healthier urban living for all.

*1 Dr. Rim D. Coder, University of Georgia – October 96.