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ArborGuy Overhead Guying System

Overhead tree guying system for temporary or non-rootballed trees.

Some types of trees, Palm Trees or Christmas Trees for example, are not suitable for below ground guying due to absence of sufficient rootball size or they are of a temporary nature. The GreenBlue Over Head Guying System is perfect for these types of applications. The GreenBlue Arborguy Drive-In anchor is connected to an adjustable tamper-proof guy rope which secures the tree with bark protective sleeving.


  • Pre-assembled for fast installation
  • Tamper-proof construction
  • Post-installation adjustability
  • Disassemble/reassemble for temporary/seasonal trees


  • Heavy duty galvanised steel guy wires
  • Large Arborguy Drive-In anchors
  • Durable sleeving for bark protection
Product Code Max tree height Drive-in anchor section Overhead guy wire Number of guys
GBUOHG06A 6mtr
Medium composite anchor
4mm x 1mtr wire
4mm x 4mtrs 3
GBUOHG15A 15mtr
Large composite anchor
6mm x 1mtr wire
4mm x 12mtrs 4
  • Wire manufactured to: BSEN12385-4, BSEN13411-1,2,3, BSEN13414-1

Seasonal adjustment and disassembly requires the wire grip release key, available on request


  • Visual checks for damage / interference
  • Annual checks for seasonal adjustment to allow for tree growth


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