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Fast, light, strong. The RD Riser from GreenBlue Urban. Root control building block system for deeper surface and subbase layerworks designs eliminating the need for concrete. Providing high vertical and lateral support, the interlocking single component is modular, designed to be built up to multiple configurations and any depth. A reinforced option is available for maximum lateral and vertical loading requirements. Can be used with or without a GBU RootDirector on the top.

 *Patent Pending


  • Instant structure – no waiting for concrete curing
  • No concrete required
  • Low carbon – UK manufacture from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable material
  • Low cost and safe, single-person installation – no equipment necessary
  • Multiple configurations possible


  • Single interlocking component
  • Root deflecting ribs
  • Locks into RootSpace tree opening
  • High strength, minimum material, honeycomb structural design


Material 100% recycled polypropylene
Manufacture location Injection moulded in UK


Product Code Description
RDR100 RootDirector Riser Modular and Structural Root Director System 500x100x100mm


RD Riser Configuration Number of units per 100mm layer
1000x1000mm 8
1500x1500mm 12
2000x2000mm 16


RD Riser Configuration Minimum tree grille frame size Suitable RootDirector
1000x1000mm 1200×1200 RD1000-RSA
1500x1500mm 1700×1700 RD1500-RSA
2000x2000mm 2200×2200 N/A


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