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Designed for the protection of pavements and hard landscaped areas, the ribbed RootDirector system prevents root swirl and diverts root growth downward and outward thus avoiding the unsightly and hazardous root damage so commonly seen in urban areas.

The RootDirector’s rigid, one-piece construction makes installation simple. As a product within the ‘Arborsystem’ range, it is compatible with the RootRain irrigation system, RootCell / StrataCell load bearing soil soil structure and our extensive tree grille and guard range. The RootDirector ‘RS’ range is specically designed to locate securely into the RootSpace soil cell system.


  • Prevents ‘root girdling’ – a fatal rooting pattern
  • Deeper root growth improves drought tolerance, tree stability and longevity
  • Guides roots away from areas vulnerable to de-icing salts
  • Prevents pavement ‘root heave’ effectively eliminating trip hazards
  • Super fast installation – no cutting or joining tape


  • Modular preformed construction
  • Integral ribs to prevent root girdling
  • ‘RS’ range fits RootSpace soil cells
  • Stack-able for ease of transport
  A Dimension B Dimension C Dimension D Dimension
RD510A 510mm (20″) 595mm (23 1/2″) 310mm (12″) 425mm (17″)
RD640A 630mm (25″) 885mm (35″) 455mm (18″) 575mm (22 1/2″)
RD1050A 975mm (38 1/2″) 1370mm (54″) 545mm (21 1/2″) 860mm (33 1/2″)
RD1400A 1300mm (51″) 1805mm (71″) 500mm (20″) 1200mm (47″)
RD1000-RSA 888mm (35″) 980mm (38 1/2″) 250mm (10″) 800mm (31 1/2″)
RD1500-RSA 1388mm (54 1/2″) 1480mm (58″) 250mm (10″) 1300mm (51″)

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