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GreenBlue Urban’s new RootForm is designed to be filled with concrete to form a high strength haunch around the tree.

Many benefits include leaving a perfect base for fixing down tree grilles and preventing compaction of the tree rooting area immediately adjacent to the root ball.

The simple, strong, click together sections are ready for concrete pour in moments and the sectional format means it is suitable for any size tree pit.

RootDirectors naturally encourage deep root growth improving stability and drought balance.


  • Prevents ‘root girdling’ – a fatal rooting pattern
  • Deeper root growth improves drought tolerance, tree stability and longevity
  • Guides roots away from areas vulnerable to de-icing salts
  • Prevents pavement ‘root heave’ effectively eliminating trip hazards
  • Assembled ready for concrete pour in moments


  • Modular construction for any sized tree pit
  • Recycled HDPE is resistant to puncture, biodegradation, and photodegradation
  • 400mm standard depth
  • Suitable for inclusion of steel reinforcement if required

Complete sets

Product Code Components Length Depth Tree grille frame size Components
RF4-12A Complete Set 1200mm 400mm 1200mm square 4x Corner, 4x 500
RF4-15A Complete Set 1500mm 400mm 1500mm square 4x Corner, 4x 300, 4x 500
RF4-18A Complete Set 1800mm 400mm 1800mm square 4x Corner, 8x 300, 4x 500

Individual components

Product Code Components Length Depth Weight
RF4-CRA Corner section 350mm 400mm 3.32kg
RF4-30A Straight section 300mm 400mm 1.84kg
RF4-50A Straight section 500mm 400mm 2.93kg

Concrete Volume

Product Code Concrete Volume
RF4-CRA 33.6 Litres
RF4-30A 14 Litres
RF4-50A 23.6 Litres


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