Reasons to Choose the Only Fully Integrated Tree Pit Solution
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Reasons to Choose the Only Fully Integrated Tree Pit Solution

Blue-green infrastructure has a critical role in making a change toward climate change adaptation. The multiple benefits in the form of ecosystem services that BGI provides are key to the climate change resilience of our UK towns and cities.

GreenBlue Urban has been supporting Developers, Specifiers and Contractors for decades – helping to save time and money in assisting trees in their struggle to survive in the urban environment.  Supporting the Circular Economy by manufacturing a wide range of products in the UK that is designed to make urban tree planting more manageable and more successful, we understand the challenges faced on sites, both practically and financially – products which are manufactured under exacting quality control schemes including BBA approval, ISO14001 and ISO9001.

The RootsSpace ArborSystem utilised at Kings Crescent, Hackney

The GBU ArborSystem is the world’s leading complete urban tree planting package, providing an easy solution for specifiers and installers. It covers everything a tree needs to mature in an urban environment without damaging built infrastructure and incorporates RootSpace soil cells which provide uncompacted soil volume, RootRain irrigation and aeration systems, ReRoot / RootStop root management, ArborGuy rootball is guying, and tree grilles/grates and guards.

High stock levels are maintained at our Head Office for immediate delivery, with timed or same-day onto site deliveries available where on-site storage is limited.

Since its inception and following innovative development over recent years, the ArborSystem integrated tree pit solution has proved itself in thousands of highly demanding urban locations; enabling a wealth of global case studies. For many forward-thinking landscape specifiers, the ArborSystem methodology has become the solution of choice for integrating trees into the urban environment. Driving toward a greener future, GreenBlue Urban has also launched ArborCharge, combining electric car charging with both

ArborSystem and ArborFlow for stormwater management along with the ArborAdvance Warranty create the ultimate, guaranteed multi-functional tree pit system.

ArborCharge Tree Pit Solution

This unique tree planting solution ensures complete product compatibility, avoids costly delays on-site due to mismatched products and minimises tree failure risk. The modular below-ground systems (manufactured from 100% recycled material) mean that there is great adaptability when working around below-ground constraints and onsite limitations, making installers’ lives easier, and improving relationships with clients and main contractors long-term, as the trees establish quickly and grow to maturity.

GreenBlue is proud to offer free-of-charge on-site support for every scheme; our team of skilled technicians are always available on hand to assist with the first tree pit installation to ensure each project is a success.

Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen (Credit: Ashlea Ltd)

By choosing the ArborSystem, landscape and urban designers can drastically reduce time spent on specifying, quoting and ordering. Simply choose a tree pit package from the range of different scenarios available here or work with our technical team to adapt it to suit the different location and infrastructure constraints. It also helps to demonstrate to clients a long-term professional approach to tree planting and maintenance issues.

Working proactively with local authorities and municipalities, clients, landscape architects, drainage engineers and contractors on a global scale, we can ensure that whatever the degree of complexity and challenges encountered we can provide on-site solutions and technical support to translate the design into high-quality implementation. This leads to fewer tree maintenance requirements, and drastically reduces the risk of premature tree mortality, leading to higher quality schemes long term – and an enhanced reputation for all involved.

GreenBlue Urban tree planting packages combine the key elements of successful tree pit design into one easy-to-specify package: recreating forest floor conditions below hard landscapes, allowing the trees to flourish and meet their full potential for the good of us all.

Discover more about the perceptions of Urban Tree Planting on our upcoming Webinar with the Landscape Institute and Exterior Architecture – Book your place here!