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RootSpace®: Revolutionising Urban Tree Planting – The Superior Soil Cell

At GreenBlue Urban, we pride ourselves on pioneering the best tree pit systems worldwide. Our RootSpace pavement support system stands out in the market with unparalleled advantages designed to foster healthier, longer-living urban trees. Here’s a detailed look at what makes our soil cells exceptional.

Unmatched Soil Volume

Soil volume is our primary differentiator and is closely linked with our vision of providing the world’s best tree pit systems. While our soil volume advantage might appear minor, its impact is profound. RootSpace offers the highest soil volume per cell compared to any other system, making it the best in its class. This additional soil volume directly translates to better water availability, nutrient access, and tree longevity. In congested urban areas, maximising below-ground soil volume is crucial.

RootSpace avoids unnecessary wasted space, unlike systems with hollow tubes or stone!

BBA Approval: The Gold Standard

Our BBA (British Board of Agrément) approval is another critical feature differentiating RootSpace. Thanks to the industry’s most rigorous testing regime, this certification ensures consistent product quality, reliable load bearing, and reduced risk of failure. For urban planners and engineers, BBA approval guarantees peace of mind, knowing they are using a product that meets the highest reliability and safety standards.

Exclusive Side Loading Feature

RootSpace is the only soil cell system worldwide that offers optional side panels. This innovation provides enhanced lateral stability, extra strength, and reduced settlement risk, ensuring trees grow upright and strong. The additional support these side panels offer minimises the chance of structural failure, providing peace of mind for all stakeholders involved in urban tree planting projects.

RootSpace demonstrated superior dynamic loading capabilities due to its interlocking lattice structure.

AirDeck: Leading the Industry in Soil Aeration

Often overlooked, the AirDeck is a crucial component of our system. As the only soil cell system with an airflow lid, it allows for essential soil aeration, which is critical to maintaining healthy soil conditions. Aerated soil leads to healthier roots and overall tree vitality, preventing detrimental anaerobic conditions that can harm trees. Keeping the AirDeck benefit front and centre ensures users understand its importance in fostering healthy urban forests.

RootSpace Air Deck and ArborVents allow for gaseous exchange.

Innovative Soil Panel System

RootSpace boasts the only soil panel system with a patented British design. Our intelligent lattice design maximises strength and soil volume, reducing transportation costs due to its efficient design. This innovation is a testament to our commitment to providing the most advanced tree-planting solutions.

UK Manufactured from 100% recycled material.

Additional Benefits

Our RootSpace system offers a range of other benefits, including being made from 100% recycled material, proudly manufactured in the UK. It provides class-leading load-bearing strength and a quick and efficient soil-filling process.

As part of the ArborSystem®, RootSpace integrates all key components into one package, reducing design time and eliminating compatibility issues. With 23 years of soil cell development, we have the longest track record of successful planting projects globally, underscoring our experience and expertise in the field.

Comparative Analysis

To highlight RootSpace’s superiority, here’s a comparison with other systems:

We could extend this table to include additional benefits and load-bearing data, showcasing how RootSpace excels compared to competitors and copy products. Moreover, RootSpace is available in ocean plastic and interfaces seamlessly with the Root Director. It requires no concrete lid, involves no complex on-site mixing, and eliminates the need for quarrying.

GreenBlue Urban’s RootSpace is not just a product; it’s a revolution in urban tree planting. With unrivalled support from design to installation, GreenBlue has the expertise and tools to meet your needs. We are proud to launch our NEW ArborSystem RootSpace Installation Guide.  

By choosing RootSpace, you invest in healthier, more resilient urban forests. Join us in making cities greener and more sustainable.