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RootRain ArborDrench

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Slow release irrigation for newly planted trees.


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GreenBlue Urban’s RootRain ArborDrench is designed to slowly release water to the immediate root ball zone of newly planted trees from 1” to 8” in girth, enabling their healthy establishment. The ArborDrench will allow the water to penetrate the ground immediately above the tree rootball.

RootRain ArborDrench is ideal in situations where maintenance issues are likely to cause premature failure of newly planted urban trees – ensuring that they have access to water during hot weather.

  • 75 Litre water capacity
  • Zip allows multiple bags to be fitted together
  • Visible management – instantly see when the water has run out
  • 100% water absorption with no run-off
  • Can be used with chemical additives
  • Combined multiple bags for larger trees
  • Can be filled in minutes
  • Installation does not require tools

GBUAD75L – RootRain ArborDrench – 55 litres


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