RootRain HydroFort - GreenBlue Urban Tree Protection & Irrigation

RootRain HydroFort

Short description

Water reservation and tree protection




The RootRain HydroFort tree protector protects trees from road salt and strimmer damage, but most importantly, prevents water wastage during irrigation. Winter salt spreading is one of the biggest dangers to street trees, the HydroFort prevents ingress of salt spread near the tree. Developed and used very successfully in many countries including hot, water-poor countries.

  • Tough recycled U.V. stabilised plastic
  • Comes in 2 click-together halves
  • Circular format with serrated bottom edge
  • Robust material stands up to rough treatment
  • Prevents salt ingress
  • The format enables easy installation process
  • Attractive low-profile appearance
  • Contains up to 26ltrs of water
  • Proven to improve vegetation success
Code Diameter Height Colour
RRHF430B 430mm 190mm Black
RRHF600B 600mm 250mm Black



Installation Guides

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