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RootRain Metro

Short description

A smaller (35mm) capacity irrigation system for trees in soft landscapes. Available in Plastic or metal with cap and or chain in a variety of lengths (rootball dependant)for discreet irrigation.




Developed in the early 1990s, the RootRain Metro system is one of the most widely specified proprietary tree pit irrigation systems in the world. RootRain Metro is available in four different sizes and with three different cap configurations.

  • Durable 35mm dia. perforated pipe in a variety of length options
  • Robust Metro bracket for ease of installation
  • Caps to prevent silting, and keep debris and rodents out
  • Variety of cap / chain options
  • Available in contractor bulk back form
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Drought tolerant
  • Fast watering (60ltr/min in porous soil)
  • Reduces water consumption by eliminating run-off and wastage
Code Cap Type Length Rootball Diameter
RR1A Plastic 1.25m (4ft) 0.4m
RRPC1A Plastic with Chain 1.25m (4ft) 0.4m
RRMC1A Metal with Chain 1.25m (4ft) 0.4m
RR2A Plastic 1.75m (6ft) 0.55m
RRPC2A Plastic with Chain 1.75m (6ft) 0.55m
RRMC2A Metal with Chain 1.75m (6ft) 0.55m
RR3A Plastic 2.5m (8ft) 0.8m
RRPC3A Plastic with Chain 2.5m (8ft) 0.8m
RRMC3A Metal with Chain 2.5m (8ft) 0.8m


Installation Guides

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