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ReRoot 300, ReRoot 600 and ReRoot 1000 products are ribbed root barriers designed for the protection of paved surfaces, shallow service ducts and utilities.

This versatile root management system can be used to surround individual or groups of trees because the ribs are proven to divert lateral root growth downwards which has many benefits.


  • Prevents ‘root girdling’ – a fatal rooting pattern
  • Deeper root growth improves drought tolerance, tree stability and longevity
  • Guides roots away from areas vulnerable to de-icing salts
  • Prevents pavement ‘root heave’ effectively eliminating trip hazards
  • Ease of installation in virtually all situations with no specialist equipment required


  • Available in 300mm, 600mm and 1000mm depths
  • Supplied in roll form and cut to order in 10m increments to minimise waste
  • Recycled HDPE is resistant to puncture, biodegradation, and photodegradation
  • ReRoot jointing tape allows root-proof joints
Product Depth Length Thickness Profile
ReRoot 300 300mm (12″) 30m (100′) Roll 1 mm Ribbed
ReRoot 600 600mm (24″) 30m (100′) Roll 1 mm Ribbed
ReRoot 1000 1000mm (40″) 30m (100′) Roll 1 mm Ribbed

Material: Recycled HDPE Finish: Natural Colour: Black Weight: 1mm = 1kg per square meter

Property Test Method Units Range
Density ISO 1872/1 – 1986 Grams/cm 0.952-0.956
Melt Flow Rate ISO 113-190c 2.16kg Grams/10 minutes 0.1-0.2
Melt Flow Rate High Load Scale ISO 113-190c 21.6kg Grams/10 minutes 10-16
Moisture In-house test % <0.1
Izod Impact ISO 180/1A, 23c kJ/m2 >4

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