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RootRain Auto-Irrigation Adapter

Simple connectivity to most automatic irrigation systems.

A new development by GreenBlue Urban Ltd. Automatic irrigation is a popular way of reducing maintenance costs of trees and other plants. The RootRain Auto-irrigation Adaptor can be used with all RootRain 60mm irrigation systems and provides a robust barbed push-fit joint for simple connection to the existing automatic water supply pipe.

An outlet point viewable from the surface enables quick functionality checks, this decreases potential for tree damaged caused by unnoticed functionality issues with automatic irrigation systems.


  • Visible outlet allows easy functionality checks and maintenance
  • Simple push-fit connections for ease of installation
  • Reduce tree maintenance costs


  • Heavy duty composite components
  • Push fit water supply connection
  • Threaded internal connection for ‘bubbler’ nozzle


Product Code Description Materials Connection Type To suit water pipe internal dia
GBUAIWAA RootRain Auto-Irrigation Watering Adaptor PVC/PP Barbed pushfit 1″ / 25mm

Suitable for use with

  • RootRain Urban
  • RootRain Civic
  • RootRain Hydrogrille
  • RootRain ArborVent 100
  • RootRain Precinct 100


  • No maintenance of Auto-Irrigation Adaptor required
  • Seasonal visual checks are recommended to monitor automatic control system functionality

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